Image Processing and Smart Cameras

In addition to the comprehensive VisionSystem+, wenglor’s portfolio of image processing products also includes the weQube modular image processing platform as Smart Camera, Vision Sensor and OCR Reader. 

The weQube Smart Camera, the weQubeVision sensor and the weQubeOCR reader are based on innovative wenglor MultiCore technology, which links five high-performance processors to a new software concept. The result is a unique product enabling ideal interaction of numerous functions and summarizing several process steps.

With MultiCore you will use Industrial Ethernet for the first time without losing time – the sensor continues to work with the same performance and speed during data communication via Industrial Ethernet as before.

With innovative 3D Tracking MultiCore provides optimal object detection. Within the visible area, objects can be moved in any direction or vary in height while still being securely detected. In case of project or batch changes additional adjustment of the focal point is possible, this ensures maximum flexibility with utmost reliability.

MultiCore integrates Teach+, which offers rapid and site-independent optimization of system settings and adjustment to changing conditions.

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