Fiber-Optic Cable
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Application examples:
  • Recognizing processes very quickly
  • Presence monitoring
  • Testing of installation positions
  • Edge detection
  • Use in tight spaces
  • Detecting extremely small parts
Fiber-Optic Cable

Plastic or glass fiber-optic cables are compatible with Fiber-Optic Cable SensorsUniversal Reflex Sensors and the P1XF001 6-Channel Multispectral Sensor. Thanks to their flexibility, they’re especially well-suited for use in difficult to access locations and provide users with the opportunity of operating sensors in scanning or through-beam mode. Beyond this, they’re equipped with various detection ranges and variable spot sizes, by means of which they adapt themselves to the specific requirements of the respective measuring task.

The plastic fiber-optic cables have a length of 2 meters and can be shortened.
The light spot size of the lens for plastic fiber-optic cables (LA27) can be flexibly adapted to the object size. Thanks to the highly focused lens light spot for plastic fiber-optic cables (LA28), even the smallest objects from 100μm will be detected. Lenses are available to extend the range for barrier operation. Suitable mounting technology ensures easy adjustment.

The stepped index fibers used for glass fiber-optic cables are highly resistant to chemicals and to high temperatures up to a maximum of 250°C.

Glass fiber-optic light curtains function in accordance with the barrier principle. If these fiber-optic cable curtains are used in combination with an analog output, the length of the light curtain is proportional to the analog range. If a universal reflex sensor with digital switching output is utilized, the switching point can be adjusted such that the output is switched when the light slot is obstructed to a defined extent.


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