Retro-Reflex Sensors for Clear Glass Reconition
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Application examples:
  • Recognizing crystal-clear or transparent objects
  • Recognizing PET and glass bottles
  • Counting vitreous bodies
  • Recognizing transparent sheet products
  Retro-Reflex Sensors
  for Clear Glass Recognition

Reflex sensors for clear glass recognition can be adjusted so precisely that they can reliably recognize highly transparent objects such as glass, glass bottles or sheet products. Even shiny, chromed or reflective surfaces can be reliably detected thanks to the integrated polarization filter.
The transmitter and receiver are located in a single housing and require a reflector to work. The output switches if the light beam between the sensor and reflector is interrupted. The visible light spot of retro-reflex sensors facilitates adjustment and commissioning. Depending on the sensor type, even small objects up to 0.1mm can be reliably detected over long distances.
K1R and OPT282 sensors independently compensate for external influences such as pollution, temperature and aging by dynamically readjusting the threshold. Four sensors which are linked by an OR-logic are integrated in the housing of the OPT282. The output switches if one of the light beams is interrupted. As a result, large areas are easy to monitor.

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