Inductive Sensors for Extreme Temperature Ranges
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Application examples:
  • Use in the food and automotive industries
  • End position monitoring
  • Position detection
  • Material tracking
  • Part recognition
  Inductive Sensors
  for Extreme Temperature Ranges
High temperature inductive sensors are designed for use in environments subject to great heat such as industrial furnaces and drying systems. Under extreme temperatures up to +450 °C, they can detect metallic objects without contact and carry out position checks as well as final position queries.
High temperature sensors of the INTT2 and INTT3 series provide decisive advantages, for example the evaluation unit integrated into the sensor connector or weproTec. This patented technology is opening up new opportunities in systems design. It prevents two sensors from influencing one another. This means that more queries can be sent in as little space as possible. This also increases system safety through the use of redundancies.
The high temperature inductive sensors of the INRT series are global leaders in terms of heat and cold resistance. These sensors can withstand temperatures ranging from -60 to +450 °C and are unsurpassed in terms of reliability and efficiency with an average service life of seven years.

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